Crowd Funding

The Internet Is At Your Disposal

Crowdfunding is a great resource in today's day and age. Sites like gofundme and kickstarter are designed to help people raise money for their cause. Gofundme will be a great resource for many of you. Make an account and set a goal. Share the link with family and friends on Facebook and through email. Be sure to describe your exchange program and what you hope to get out of it. It is simple to create and will be an easy way for those close to you to donate to your exchange.

The way to make a successful crowdfunding campaign is through finding the right platform for you as well as sharing, sharing, sharing! It is extremely important to encourage family and friends to share your crowdfunding page along with your story.

Ideas for fundraising activities

Requesting Donations

Asking for money can be awkward, however it is something that can be very easy to do to help you raise money.

We have created templates that will help you create a donation request letter for your different targets. There is one designed for companies and another for family, friends, and acquaintances. The key to requesting donations is giving a solid argument for why the exchange is beneficial for you in the long run. Give your audience a hook or a message that matches their motivation for supporting you, without misleading them. Donors/supporters want a reason to support you. Simply saying that you want to go to Sweden or Japan, is not going to be enough for them. They will want to know how the YFU exchange will shape and impact yourself in a way that could truely shape your future in a positive way.

Don't cut off connections
Be sure to send a thank you note as soon as you receive their donation not matter the amount. Also, try send updates to your sponsors throughout your experience. They will want to know how their donation impacted your life.

Learning Time:
Here is a business fundraising tool that can help you make the most out of your fundraising.

1. Social Proof: Give information about what MOST people do.
By giving social proof it will also help show those who you are contacting that others have been willing to invest in you and will encourage them to donate a similar amount.

Want To Share Your Story?

If you want to share your own fundraising ideas and stories with us, and potential have it feature on the Fund My Exchange page please feel free to send us your story.


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