Thon Donations
If you are into marathons and triathlons or any other kind of -thon. See if people will agree to donate a certain amount if you finish within a certain time. Some companies may even support you if you agree to wear their logo.

Sell Local Business Coupon Books
If you are from a small town, see if local businesses would be into giving you coupons to their business. You would create coupon books and sell them off or include them in an auction. This will promote the businesses while also helping them support you.

Donation Jars
See if local companies would allow you to leave a donation jar on their counter with a little note. Also be sure to include a donation jar at even events you hold.

Shave your Head
Now this may get you more supporters from your friends than anyone else. Tell anyone you know that if you raise a certain amount from donations that you will shave your head. Friends will want to donate a few dollars for the fun, and your family and neighbors might get a kick out of it too.