Hot beverage stand during the winter
Lemonade stands can be a great way to earn some money during the summer, so why not consider selling hot chocolate, coffee or tea during the cold months. See if you can sit outside of a local business and sell your beverage of choice.

Host a Community Dinner
See if you can rent out a community hall and sell tickets for a community dinner. Either cook yourself, find volunteers, or see if a local restaurant would be willing to donate or give you a deal. This is a great way to bring to community together, let everyone know what you are doing, and just make people smile.

Bake Off Bake Sale
A spin-off of a traditional bake sale. Get some friends together and host a bake off. Get the community to come round and taste each persons food. You can either charge per item, or charge to take part in the bake off overall. This makes it a fun community event, while also raising money.

Offer to help families cook their meals
Sometimes parents can get really busy, or maybe they are hosting a big family get together. Either way offer a service where you come round and aid in the cooking. This is similar to advertising babysitting, expect you'll be working more with the parents.
Host a breakfast with Santa
It is every kids dream to meet Santa, so consider hosting a breakfast in a community event hall. Advertise ticket sales a month before hand, and end sales a week before the event. This gives you time to figure out how much food you will need to buy and how many people you need to help. And of course, you need to find your Santa.

Bake Sale
I believe this one is rather self-explanatory, but ask a local business if you can set up shop outside of their establishment. Bake plenty of homemade goodies and sell them to passers by. Try to do this on a day when people will be out and about, and try and do this toward the middle of the day.

Create a Cookbook
If you have a collection of family recipes, or even just like being creative, try creating your own cookbook. Take pictures, write thedirections, design a cool cover, and of course eat all of the yummy food you create. Sell these books online, to your neighbors or in a local bookstore.

Bake Pies
During Thanksgiving pies get consumed like no other. If you happen to have an amazing pie recipe start baking, and sell your pies for a profit. Advertise to your neighbors and your community a few weeks before Thanksgiving, this way you have time to prepare and bake all of those yummy pies.