Holiday Baskets
Set up a time and place for a holiday auction. Fill baskets themed items, either bought, or donated from local businesses. Consider holiday’s baskets for events like, Chanukah Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July or anything else that has a notable theme to it.

Host a breakfast with Santa
It is every kids dream to meet Santa, so consider hosting a breakfast in a community event hall. Advertise ticket sales a month before hand, and end sales a week before the event. This gives you time to figure out how much food you will need to buy and how many people you need to help. And of course, you need to find your Santa.

Host a Community Dinner
See if you can rent out a community hall and sell tickets for a community dinner. Either cook yourself, find volunteers, or see if a local restaurant would be willing to donate or give you a deal. This is a great way to bring to community together, let everyone know what you are doing, and just make people smile.

Grab Bag
Contact local businesses and see if they would be willing to donate small items or gift certificates for you auction. Also, see if any
community members would be able to donate something. Create some small gift bags, and advertise the auction. No one can see inside the bag, so someone could get a great bag, and some may get a bag full of silly items. Make sure this is clear, but it can be half the fun.

There are so many different things you could raffle off; old items, bake goods, your services. Be creative. Raffles can be done in person or online, which makes this very flexible.

Dog Show
Host a fun community dog show. People from the community can sign up to be a part of the show. You can host fashion shows, talent shows, agility events etc. Then charge an admission fee to watch the event.
Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids in your Community
If you have a big backyard and some patience, consider hosting a town Easter egg hunt. Figure out how much you will spend on candy, prizes and the plastic eggs, the charge accordingly. It can be a ticket per family or per child, either way it can be a great way to get the community involved, while giving back to the community.

All-Night Babysitting Party
On those big holiday nights, consider hosting a babysitting party. Find a spacious location, grab a few friends and advertise your 'party;'. Plan games, food and excitement for the kids. If you have limited help, advertise that there is limited space.

Bake Off Bake Sale
A spin-off of a traditional bake sale. Get some friends together and host a bake off. Get the community to come round and taste each persons food. You can either charge per item, or charge to take part in the bake off overall. This makes it a fun community event, while also raising money.

Art Sale
If you are a skilled painter or drawer and have had people wanted your art before, consider selling a few of your pieces. Hold a small art sale at a local coffee shop, or even in your home. Be sure to advertise your event and let me know where the money is going to. Have people either bid for the items or simply assign prices.

Garage Sale
Check around your house. See if you or your family has any old items that you can sell. I promise you will find a good handle of things that you probably haven't used in 3 years. Advertise with flyers around town and in your neighborhood. A good garage sale is always fun.

Activity Workshop
Take a skill that you have like painting, pottery, bracelet making or maybe you are fluent in a language. Now turn it into a workshop. Have people sign up to get taught by you. Make this into a fun event. This is for those who are very confident in their skills and also think they can successful teach a group of people.