Face Painting
If you have an artistic hand, see if you can face paint for a community event, or birthday party. It will only be a few hours of your time, and you’ll get to be creative.

Advertise around your community. Offer after school or weekend hours in which you are usually available. However, before you advertise, be sure to set an hourly rate, and the extra cost for additional kids. If you are less experienced charge on the lower end. As you gain experience you can raise your price a little.

Photograph an Event
If you are good at photography, advertise your ability to take pictures for a kids birthday party, town event or something similar. If you have a lot of experience and an impressive portfolio you can try and aim for bigger events, but you will have more luck taking pictures and more casual events.

Letters to Santa
Advertise with the parents in your town. Let them know that they can sign up to receive a personalletter from Santa to their kids. Give them a link or email address to send their kids letter so that you can respond. Charge a small fee or simply ask for donations in return.

Activity Workshop
Take a skill that you have like painting, pottery, bracelet making or maybe you are fluent in a language. Now turn it into a workshop. Have people sign up to get taught by you. Make this into a fun event. This is for those who are very confident in their skills and also think they can successful teach a group of people.

Gift-Wrapping Service
Maybe you are skilled in the art of gift-wrapping. Offer to wrap peoples gifts for a small fee. Many parents struggle to find time to sit down away from the kids to wrap everything up. You will give them the peace of mind that the kids won't see the gifts, and that they will be wrapped in time for the holidays or for a birthday.

Dog Wash
Get some friends together and host a dog wash. If you have a big enough yard or driveway you can just host it at your house. Charge per dog, but also based on its size. A Golden Retriever requires more soap and time than a Pomeranian.

Car Wash
See if you can use a local parking lot to host a car wash. Grab a group of friends together have some fun. Charge per car and try and have conversations with the driver. If they are from your community they may tip you afterward in support.

Work a Birthday Party
Many parents need some extra hands on deck when hosting a birthday party for their kids. Similar to babysitting you would charge by the hour to help chaperone the kids.

Spring Cleaning Help
Spring cleaning is can be a big task for a lot of families, especially for those whose kids are away at college. Advertise around your town and be ready to help lift some boxes.

Holiday Babysitting
Valentine's day and New Years are popular times for everyone, which means it can be very hard for parents to find babysitters. If you don't have any plans, consider babysitting those days. You will get paid more because it's a holiday.

All-Night Babysitting Party
On those big holiday nights, consider hosting a babysitting party. Find a spacious location, grab a few friends and advertise your 'party;'. Plan games, food and excitement for the kids. If you have limited help, advertise that there is limited space.

Pet Sitting/Care
Families go on holidays throughout the year. If you are home during a vacation advertise your availability. Let people know that you can come round and look after their animals. Be sure to on advertise animals that you are comfortable with, and that includes the size of the aninmal.

Christmas Tree Collecting
No matter what holiday you celebrate, this is something you can do. If you are strong enough or can gather a team, advertise that you will be available to help removeChristmas trees from homes. This is a tedious task for many people and people will definable ask for your help. Having access to a flatbed truck is useful,but not necessary.

Odd Jobs
Advertise your availability to do odd jobs for people. This could include racking, moving the lawn, helping to paint a room, or any other tasks along those line. Sometimes families just have so many smalls things to do, and would happily accept an extra pair of hands around the house. If you are able to drive, consider offering a grocery service.

Dog Walking
Get a sign up list going. Offer to come around after school or on weekends and take dogs in your neighborhood out for a walk. In this case have an hourly rate. Some dogs need a short 30 minute walk, while others need to be walked for a while.

If you are in High School and are excelling in a certain subject, consider tutoring Elementary and Middle School students.Charge by the hour, and be sure to be available after school.

Snow Clearing
If you have the energy and the muscle, consider advertising your availability to help shovel or snow plow driveways. Charge by the length of the driveway. Calling your neighbors after a snow storm is a great way to make money fast.