Sell calendars that contain pictures from your trip
Have people place orders to receive a calendar filled with pictures from your trip. Find scenic pictures and create a beautiful calendar celebrating your time in Sweden, Uruguay, Japan or wherever your exchange took you.

Face Painting
If you have an artistic hand, see if you can face paint for a community event, or birthday party. It will only be a few hours of your time, and you’ll get to be creative.

Holiday Baskets
Set up a time and place for a holiday auction. Fill baskets themed items, either bought, or donated from local businesses. Consider holiday’s baskets for events like, Chanukah Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July or anything else that has a notable theme to it.

Create a Cookbook
If you have a collection of family recipes, or even just like being creative, try creating your own cookbook. Take pictures, write the directions, design a cool cover, and of course eat all of the yummy food you create. Sell these books online, to your neighbors or in a local bookstore.

Sell Valentine's Day Carnations
If you have a green thumb, consider designing a bouquet or something similar that people could buy to give to their valentine. Decorate vases, or boxes for the carnations to be delivered in.
Team/School/Town Pride Bracelets
If you were always the one making friendship bracelets at camp, consider making ones in your school, team, or town colors. Be creative. Try to sell them at school, at a town event, or simply going door to door.

Sell DIY Holiday Decorations
Everyone loves holiday decorations, so if you have a knack for DIY projects, consider selling handmade dradles, Christmas ornaments, valentine's day wreaths, there is so much to create, so be creative!

Art Sale
If you are a skilled painter or drawer and have had people wanted your art before, consider selling a few of your pieces. Hold a small art sale at a local coffee shop, or even in your home. Be sure to advertise your event and let me know where the money is going to. Have people either bid for the items or simply assign prices.

Etsy Shop
If you really love creating things with your hands, consider opening your own Etsy shop. You can sell everything from handmade bracelets to custom T-Shirts. If you are already doing another artistic fundraising, consider selling what ever you are making on Etsy as well.