Holiday Baskets
Set up a time and place for a holiday auction. Fill baskets themed items, either bought, or donated from local businesses. Consider holiday’s baskets for events like, Chanukah Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July or anything else that has a notable theme to it.

Holiday Babysitting
If you are free on either New Years or Valentine's day...Babysit! Babysitters are hard to come by on those holidays

Christmas Tree Collecting
No matter what holiday you celebrate, this is something you can do. If you are strong enough or can gather a team, advertise that you will be available to help remove Christmas trees from homes. This is a tedious task for many people and people will definable ask for your help. Having access to a flatbed truck is useful,but not necessary.

Host a breakfast with Santa
It is every kids dream to meet Santa, so consider hosting a breakfast in a community event hall. Advertise ticket sales a month before hand, and end sales a week before the event. This gives you time to figure out how much food you will need to buy and how many people you need to help. And of course, you need to find your Santa.

Hold a Concert
If you are musically inclined, consider hosting a concert. Hold a summer event, a holiday concert or something similar. See if your friends want to participate. Include instruments and singers and make it a fun night for everyone.
Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids in your Community
If you have a big backyard and some patience, consider hosting a town Easter egg hunt. Figure out how much you will spend on candy, prizes and the plastic eggs, the charge accordingly. It can be a ticket per family or per child, either way it can be a great way to get the community involved, while giving back to the community.

Letters to Santa
Advertise with the parents in your town. Let them know that they can sign up to receive a personal letter from Santa to their kids. Give them a link or email address to send their kids letter so that you can respond. Charge a small fee or simply ask for donations in return.

Sell DIY Holiday Decorations
Everyone loves holiday decorations, so if you have a knack for DIY projects, consider selling handmade dradles, Christmas ornaments, valentine's day wreaths, there is so much to create, so be creative!

Sell Valentine's Day Carnations
If you have a green thumb, consider designing a bouquet or something similar that people could buy to give to their valentine. Decorate vases, or boxes for the carnations to be delivered in.