Become a Student

Becoming an exchange student is an opportunity to see the world up close. YFU exchange experiences expose participants to everyday life in a different society. It’s learning from the inside out, which only happens when a person has time to think deeply about what they are learning. Our core program allows the time to become immersed in daily life. YFU programs aren’t for everyone. They are for those eager to explore the path less taken, who are open to discovery and the realization that there is more than one way to live a life, for those ready to ask challenging questions of themselves. By participating in a cultural exchange, you will broaden your view by enhancing global understanding by deepening your appreciation for other cultures and customs, which in turn increases tolerance, reduces violence, and helps to eliminate stereotypes.

The YFU core experience teaches young adults about the world. Young people may seek out cultural exchange for adventure and the thrill of the unknown, but you end up getting something else entirely out of the experience. You grow as young adults, more independent and mature, seeing with fresh eyes. And, as much as you learn about new cultures, you learn more about yourself. Personal growth is a key benefit of YFU’s core program, as you gain:

  • Self-reliance, resourcefulness, and confidence. Without parents, siblings, teachers, and coaches to fall back on, you have to rely more on yourself.
  • Better decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Resilience and independence of thought. Program participants are less likely to unquestioningly accept something that someone else tells them.
  • Tolerance of risk and adaptability in dealing with the unexpected.
  • World Connect with YFU